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Future without Pharmaceuticals? CBD Takes On Big Pharma

Former UFC champion Bass Rutten knows pain. As a former mixed martial arts fighter he’s participated in a ruthless bloodsport that requires rigorous and intense training. He’s seen the toll that injuries from training and fights can take on athletes. Worse, he’s seen how constant pain can lead to opioid addiction – destroying careers, families, and lives. Recently, Rutten spoke out about how CBD is the new healthy alternative to painkillers.

If you care about your body, consider CBD. It’s known to have a calming effect, relieve pain, and be completely non-addictive. Pharmaceutical pain killers can relieve pain in the short term, but they also wreck serious havoc on your stomach and liver. CBD is the opposite and provides anti-inflammatory benefits while relieving pain.

This year we’re seeing health professionals finally begin to promote the benefits of CBD.  The New England Journal of Medicine just released a peer-reviewed study proving that CBD is real medicine and reduces seizures in children. 43 percent of patients suffering from Dravet Syndrome treated with CBD had their number of seizures cut in half or more. This is just the beginning. Why use expensive and potentially addictive pharmaceuticals to treat pain when a natural cure like CBD exists?

Average Ransomware Payment Skyrockets to over $1,000


Ransomware is on the rise and hackers are getting greedier.  In 2016, the average ransom rose from $294 to $1,077.  Hackers are no longer computer nerds hanging out in the basement. The average age of a cyber criminal is now 35 years old and 80% are members of organized crime. What does this mean? Cybercrime is getting sophisticated and increasing the chances that your personal computer, phone, and even your smart tv will be attacked one day. Experts say the odds of a US citizen experiencing a cyber attack is the same as landing on heads in a coin toss – 50/50. 

Who doesn’t have something important on their computer or smart phone? Americans need to protect their computers and personal devices. 2016 saw an insane rise of ransomware attacks with 638 million people attacked. The most alarming note? Less than half of the victims attacked were able to recover their files. Even when paying the high ransom rates, you’re NEVER guaranteed to get your files back. 

The number one sign that you’ve been hacked? Fake antivirus messages. If you see one – your system is already compromised. If you’re not taking a proactive approach to ransomware, you need to start now. Companies like McAfee are focusing on new technologies beyond antivirus to secure your computers and devices from cyber attacks. They offer protection at a fraction of the cost of a ransom, Don’t become the next Ransomware victim! Remember once attacked, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get your files back or even that your credit and banking information won’t be sold on the black market.

If you’ve been attacked, please share your story in the comments below!

The Wonder Drug in Your Kitchen 


Turmeric is 2017’s “superfood” that wellness professionals claim will cure all ailments, revitalize our bodies, and change our lives. Although, turmeric is not so new – Western culture is just starting to catch on. Turmeric is now seeing a resurgence in the US, but has been used medicinally for over 4,000 years in Eastern Culture. Ayurveda, the ancient Indian practice of natural healing, has used turmeric since around 500 BCE to treat medical conditions and injuries.

A compound of turmeric, curcumin, is a healing agent that gives turmeric its vibrant golden color.  Curcumin has anti-inflammation properties that rival ibuprofen without the nasty toxic effects over-the-counter drugs have on the body. Evidence is beginning to mount showing that curcumin provides extraordinary benefits to the body and may prevent Alzheimer’s diseases and relieve arthritis symptoms. There are over 700 studies on curcumin and cancer, showing that its comparable to pharmaceuticals in its effectiveness against cancers of the colon, breast, esophagus, prostate, and liver.

Curcumin can protect healthy cells from cancer causing agents and aid the body in destroying these cells. Turmeric still needs more research to verify all these claims, but because of the countless benefits it can provide, I recommend making 2017 the year you incorporate turmeric into your diet.


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