The Spring Trend Anyone Can Pull Off

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Lace has been hot, hot, hot this spring! From New York to Los Angeles and everywhere in between, lace has launched as the must-have trend of the season. Case in point: the feminine fashion material was everywhere at Coachella this year! This elegant and simple material has exploded just like the flowers and the leaves on the trees, and is the perfect way to usher in the season of flowers and delicate renewal. Check out these amazing lace items that are a must-have for your spring closet this year and see how you can adapt the spring trend to items that suit your own personal style.

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Image via Reformation.com

The Spring Trend Anyone Can Pull Off

Lace Dresses & Gowns
Lace dresses and gowns are all the rage right now, and why not? These pretty pieces are ultra feminine, made even more so by the pure white color that we associate with snow and, well, virginity. After all, since lace dresses and gowns are very flattering on the young and pretty, it’s a natural fashion link. But 2017 is all about the dark lace. From skater dresses to bohemian dresses verging on ballerina to motifs that were fairly Native American in style, to strapless flowing works of art that inspired near-proposals in every man around, we found out this spring just how varied a lace dress could be. So slip on those straps, ladies: lace dresses are not just for weddings anymore.

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Image via Reformation.com

Lace Shorts

Shorts made of lace are the ultimate in spring short wear for two reasons: one, they actually make shorts look fashionable, and two, you get the opportunity to pair them with any colored top you want, making both pieces of the ensemble and the complete look all together really pop. They take a clothing piece that is traditionally ultra-casual, classic American summer, and turn it into an elegant and versatile item that goes with almost anything under the sun(and invites endless accessory combinations as well). If you wish to complete the look with a pair of lacy shoes, all the better.


Lace Skirts

Skirts are gorgeous enough on their own, but skirts made out of dark lace are positively dreamy. They manage to combine a free spirit vibe with an element of elegance, successfully mashing up both ‘hippie’ and ‘Vogue’ in one article of clothing.

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Image via Reformation.com

Lace Shoes
Lace wasn’t just a hot ticket when it came to clothing this spring. The material leaped off the runway and right onto the shoes of many designers. From white lace heels for church, family functions, graduations and brunches to hip white lace booties to white lace sneakers, the trend was everywhere. It wasn’t just the heels and booties getting in on the fun, either. White lace ballet shoes and flats jumped on the bandwagon and saw casual go dainty and graceful. Even the lace sneakers are– dare we say it?– downright gorgeous. Is there anything lace can’t make better?

LaceShoes - The Spring Trend Anyone Can Pull Off
Even Gucci updated their mainstay style the Princetown with some lace (Image via Gucci)


Lace is being done every shape and every way for spring 2017, and we have to say, every lace fashion look is magical. There’s just no losing when it comes to lace. So get over to your favorite store or rush online to see what they have and get in on the fun before the season’s over!


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