Spring ’17

Spring17 Trends - Spring ’17

Spring is an exciting time to update your wardrobe as you shed those heavy winter layers! Continue reading this article to learn easy ways to incorporate this season’s top trends into your closet.

The seventies are back! But this time in a modern, subtle way. Think roomy denim, peasant blouses, and fringe. Gone from the runways are the skin tight skinny jeans that we’ve seen in past seasons. Now we’re started to see more wide leg denim as well as high waist cuts. Try adding patches to your denim or distressing an old pair of jeans for a DIY option.

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Levi’s Denim Trucker Jacket

A denim jacket is another versatile piece that you can add to make an instant update to almost any outfit. If your not ready to give up your skinny denim just yet then a flowing peasant blouses might be just for you. They perfectly capture the essence of spring and can be very suitable for the office. Wear with a pair of wide leg trousers for an extremely stylish look.

Fringe is widespread this season. Add fringe subtlety to your wardrobe through a fringed bag but for a more extreme look try a fringed vest or skirt.

If you love patterns then spring ’17 is going to offer you many options. Add some striped tops to your rotation or go bold and opt for a gingham piece. A matching gingham top and bottom is an easy way to look instantly chic. To channel summer try a palm print. Flat sneakers and sandals are here! Give your feet a well deserved break and try a pair of flat sides or sneakers for brunch.

Denim overalls have matured this season. Top bloggers have been seen wearing them in a variety of styles from distressed to white denim. Pair them with a semi sheer top underneath and heels or sneakers for a perfect outfit to run errands.

If you’re looking for a statement shoe this season then look no further than gladiators. Wear them with another top trend of the season, which is layered, romantic lace. Purchase a delicate lace dress for date night outfit sure to stun!

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American Eagle Outfitters AE Embroidered Crop Top

Another versatile trend for this season is crop tops. Don’t let these midriff baring tops scare you away! There are a variety of ways to wear them. They pair wonderfully with this season’s high waist denim for a more casual look. You can also opt for a more lady like option by wearing an elegant crop top with a pair of tailored dress pants.

Rimmed Sunglasses 1 543x900 1 - Spring ’17
Image via GoldenTote.com

Sunglasses are an inexpensive way to instantly upgrade your outfit. Top styles this season include round frames and mirrored lenses. Trends this spring make it easy to express yourself so have fun and make them your own!


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