Signs to Watch for at the Beginning of a New Relationship

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A new relationship can be incredibly nerve wracking. You’ve invested your time, money and emotional well-being in this relationship and can only hope for the best. Unfortunately, at the beginning of any relationship everyone is on their best behavior. It isn’t until you finally become exclusive and settle into a routine, that you begin to see signs of a good or bad relationship. Sometimes these signs are incredibly difficult to spot. Keep reading to see if your significant other does any of these things, indicating the start of a healthy, happy relationship.

Sharing is Caring

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You must’ve heard this a million times in kindergarten. Well, this saying still applies. If your significant other is sharing their things, food, clothing and time with you without holding it over your head, they do care for you. When I became resentful towards my partners in my previous relationships, I would even stop sharing petty things like my coffee. This was the first sign that I was done being in a relationship.

Displays of Affection

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Do they randomly kiss you and hug you? Or do you go days without even touching each other? No one is saying you have to be constantly groping each other, but your significant other must show some sort of affection in the day. If they’re not, don’t write them off completely. Show them some love and affection with some hugs and kisses here and there and see if they reciprocate. If they don’t, you need to step back and reevaluate their relationship.


If you’re anything like me you have some unusual albeit annoying habits. Maybe you like singing classics while cutting veggies or maybe you just forget to pick up your clothes from the bathroom floor most days. If your significant other keeps their cool throughout your annoyances, they understand that you are more important than them having their way. This is one of the best characteristics you can find in a significant other.


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Not every night needs to have a happy ending. You don’t want to be with a sex addict or someone that wants nothing but sex day in and day out. Of course, that may sound appealing at times but what about those days when your job is working you too hard or your family is stressing you out? If your significant other is okay with just cuddling sometimes without pressuring you, they know that your relationship is more than just sex.


This is very vague. You don’t want to be with someone that constantly tells you they respect you without showing it with their actions. You need someone in your life that shows you they respect you by never raising their voice, being kind, and actually listening to you. If your partner makes you feel safe and loved, they’re doing a good job of respecting you. This is integral to having a happy and healthy long-term relationship.


You don’t want to be with someone who tells you they constantly need a break from you. Obviously, everyone needs some alone time now and then. Taking time for yourself is healthy, but you don’t want to be with someone that is constantly telling you they’re sick of your presence.

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