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Millennials Aren’t Interested in Breasts? Hooters Has to Change Strategies…

hooters 758x427 - Millennials Aren’t Interested in Breasts? Hooters Has to Change Strategies...

Desire for cleavage is at an all time low as millennials are apparently losing interest in breasts.   Compared to their older counterparts, adults from the ages of 18 to 24 are 19% less likely to search for pornographic material related to breast on the infamous pornographic website Pornhub.  


Although this disinterest doesn’t affect most businesses, restaurants like Hooters deemed “breastaurants” are hurting.  These businesses’ usual marketing style, involving less emphasis on the food and more on the cleavage, doesn’t seem to be nearly as effective as it used to.  


In fact, the number of Hooter locations in the US has dropped by a staggering 7% from 2012 to 2016, with sales becoming stagnate, according to industry reports like Business Insider.



Hooters has begun to undergo changes in strategy presumably to counteract this millennial decline in business.  They have given restaurants updated designs and have placed new items on the menu. Along with releasing a new fast-food location, deemed Hoots, with fully-clothed male and female servers.  Making it more similar to Wingstop.

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Hoots, Hooters way of competing with other fast-food wing places, since 2017.

With beautiful women and wings, it’s a mystery as to why the younger generation isn’t following their elders example and seem to be less interested in “breastaurants.” Millennials don’t mess this up for good…





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