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Mac Miller, American Rapper, Dies at 26

mac miller dead - Mac Miller, American Rapper, Dies at 26

2018, continues to be the year of tragic passings in the music industry.  Rapper Mac Miller has reportedly passed away due to drug overdose on September 7th, 2018.  He was found, allegedly, in his home pronounced dead at the scene.


Mac Miller had just recently released Swimming on August 5th, and was planning to start  going on tour in the late October. He had tweeted out prior to his passing that “I just wanna go on tour.” A follow up tweet, was tweeted later that day saying…


The American rapper had worked with countless people across the entertainment industry; with much of his worked being well-recognized and critically acclaimed throughout his career.


Many celebrities shared their mourning in the days to come throughout the media.  Twitter being probably the most prominent, saw many celebrities publicly pouring out their sadness pertaining to this tragic passing.  A few notable tweets are as follows…

However most notably, waiting until Sunday, was Miller’s ex Ariana Grande.  She posted a single photo on Instagram, with no caption. They had dated from 2016 until, recently, in 2018.



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