Guess What Lazy Americans Are Blowing Their Money On?

LazyAmericans - Guess What Lazy Americans Are Blowing Their Money On?

According to research, Americans are spending and average of $1,100 on online orders every year. That’s crazy when you consider that the average American earns $42,700 annually. A survey from Butterball.com discovered that 25% of people order in at least once a week and one in 20 actually admit to ordering food online at least every other day.

35% of people order online out of laziness, but it seems impossible to imagine a world without Uber. How would we get home safely after a long night bar hopping? Who would drive you home with a trunk load of groceries? How on earth did we survive before being able to get a ride within mere minutes? This preferred level of ease in our lives is not limited to the way we get around but has also crept into our kitchens. Instead of getting a ride with a push of a button, you can opt to get a full, delicious meal. Click through to see the top food delivery services (besides pizza) that America relies on.

Written by Sasha Michaels

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