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The Latest Tesla Model Y SUV to be Unveiled on March 14th

unofficial tesla model y concept art by a tesla enthusiast 758x411 - The Latest Tesla Model Y SUV to be Unveiled on March 14th

On Sunday, Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk tweeted that the company will show off its next vehicle, the Model Y SUV, at an event March 14 at the L.A. Design Studio in Los Angeles. Tesla first teased the Model Y two years ago.


Musk gave scant details about the Model Y, aside from saying that it since it is an SUV, it will be about 10 percent bigger than — and cost about 10 percent more than — the Model 3 sedan. Musk also said that the Model Y’s battery range will be “slightly less” than that of the Model 3.

On Thursday, Tesla announced it was cutting the base price of its Model 3 to $35,000 before including federal tax credits and gas savings that can drop the car’s sticker price to below $30,000. The new base model Model 3 comes with a fully charged battery range of 220 miles.

As part of its efforts to bring down the price of the Model 3, Tesla said it will close nearly all of its dealerships and move to a completely online ordering model for its vehicles.


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