What if You Got Payed A LOT To Lose Weight . . .

Would You Do it? For NFL running back Eddie Lacy it was a no brainer.

eddie fat man lacy - What if You Got Payed A LOT To Lose Weight . . .


A little less than a year ago NFL running back was payed a good lump sum of money for losing weight (weight set by the Seattle Seahawks organization).

Seattle Seahawks running back, Eddie Lacy  signed a one-year deal with the Seahawks back in March of 2017, which came with a nice incentive if he could accomplish a goal set for him by the Seahawks organization. It was a $385,000 in bonus money for the year if he made weight during seven different weigh-ins over the set course of time.

Back in May, Lacy earned a cool $55,000 during his first weigh-in when he checked in at 253 pounds. To collect the money, Lacy had to weigh 255 pounds or less.

To collect even more money, the Seahawks made things slightly more difficult: Lacy had to weigh 250 pounds or less. For a guy who once weighed 267 pounds, getting under 250 was no easy feat, but it looks like Lacy managed to do it for his weigh-ins.


Lacy’s agents then confirmed that their client is now $55,000 richer with a tweet that included everyone’s favorite emoji: Moneybags.

So if you were given the opportunity to earn 55K to lose weight then maintain it, would you do it?


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