Where to Find the Best Coupons

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Who doesn’t love finding deals and saving money.

At times, couponing can feel overwhelming. The answer to limiting the worry and stress of saving is knowing where to look. We are here to help.

Where to Look

1. Magazines

Inside magazines you’ll find a variety of coupons, often with good deals like $1 to $2 dollars off. Woman’s DayBetter Homes & GardensFamily CircleMartha Stewart Living and Good Housekeeping are a few worth glancing through at the checkout line.

2. Store programs

Check the stores that you frequently shop at to see if they have clubs or coupon programs you can join. Here are a couple that will earn you access to exclusive deals and coupons: CVS, Sam’s Club, and Costco.


3. Coffee shops or libraries

Next time you grab your coffee on a Sunday, keep an eye out for the Sunday newspaper inserts. Most coffee joints that get the Sunday newspaper will just throw out the coupon inserts, so ask if you can have them. Libraries that get the paper will often do the same.

4. In-store grocery store samples

Most of the time people will grab a sample and leave, without talking to the attendant or taking a closer look at the deal being offered. See if you can snag a coupon with your sample to save on your purchase.


5. Product packaging

Check the outside of cereal boxes and other foods for coupons. You may find an adhesive coupon on the outside of the package or coupons inside.


6. Receipts

Some retailers will print off coupons on the back or in addition to your receipt. Target is known to print off two to three coupons for products you recently bought.


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