Donald Trump Jr.’s Scandal Now Engulfing the White House

Like Father, like Son

Their Defenses

Looking at the facts above, it is difficult to see how anyone could justify Trump Jr’s actions. However, the Trump administration has been seen on many news outlets making the following excuses.

“He’s a young man.”

All too often people say Trump Jr. is a “good kid”. In reality he is a 39 year old man, the same age as the President of France. Therefore that excuse is null and void.

“The lawyer was not a government lawyer, but a Russian lawyer.”

This is false. Although the lawyer did not explicitly work for the Russian government, her interests were clearly aligned with the Russian government.

“The lawyer did not give him any useful information.”

If you attempt to commit a crime, wouldn’t you still be held responsible for the attempt? In the same way, why would the world turn a blind eye to Trump Jr. attempting to gain information on a United States presidential candidate from a Russian lawyer?

Written by Sasha Michaels

A long time writer based in Chicago with a degree in Aerospace Engineering and a minor in Political Science. Professionally writing since the age of 13, I cover topics I'm most passionate about - relationships, travel, health, and of course, politics.


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