The Decline Social Media Stocks Continues

What is the answer from moving forward?

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If you think Facebook is the only social media company whose stocks are dropping, well think again.

Twitter’s shares fell by 20 percent this Friday. Twitter made the announcement themselves, stating their average user base fell and would continue to decline. This month the number of users went down by roughly a million going from a count of 336 million to 335 million.


The reason for the decline however may not be from what you think. Twitter reports that they are removing fake and abusive accounts and will continue to be doing so. Although it may be hurting the current count of users, Twitter is trying very hard to restore public trust in the platform through the removal of these harmful accounts.


Twitter stands by their decisions as of now stating it will allow the platform to be more user friendly and stimulate further growth. However the fact still stands that stocks have fallen to $34.12, a roughly $8 decrease, netting a decrease of billions of dollars in stock market value. Do you have faith in Twitter’s bold actions?  If so now is a better time than ever to show your support and invest when stocks are at a lower price than ever!


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