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What To Consider Before Buying New Windows

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Ready to invest in new windows?

The decision to buy new windows shouldn’t be made without proper thought and research ahead of time. Thankfully, we’re here to give you guys the best insight before you buy new windows. After all, this is an investment that most folks only want to make once in their lifetime, so doing it right the first time is necessary.

What to Know

You will look at many types of double-pane windows, and when you compare types of glass and gas fill, it may seem at first like they are all the same. However, all Renewal By Andersen  windows have different degrees of performance.

• Solar Heat Gain Coefficient – How the window blocks or keeps out heat. The lower the number better, which shows less solar heat is transmitted through the window.

• Visible Transmittance – How much natural sunlight is let in. In this case, the high numbers are better.

• Air Leakage – Represents how much air passes through the small joints and cracks in the window. Here, the low numbers are better.

• Condensation Resistance – Shows the window’s ability to resist condensation (water build up or fogging). For this, the high numbers are better.

Remember: Every single window size and configuration will have its own separate and unique rating, but a company representative should be able to give you a range where their windows fall or the ratings for a sample window.

Even though there’s no set formula, it’s easy to see that some people will save more than others when installing new windows, but everyone will certainly benefit from them. If you choose a high quality window and have a well-qualified, experienced professional install the windows, you could see a minimum of 25 percent and a maximum of more than 50 percent savings on your energy bill.


Take note of your home’s landscaping and architecture

How light and heat enter your home will determine how much you can save on utilities with upgraded windows. For example, if you don’t have trees to block the sun and many large windows on the south side of your home, with no eaves or overhangs, energy efficient windows will reduce your cooling costs in the summer significantly.

If you have windows on the west side, where the setting sun shines into your dining room at the end of the day, upgrading your windows will make dinner much more comfortable. In comparison, if you have a porch or deck with 36-inch overhangs or a patio cover (which already help protect from the sun), new windows will have less of an impact.

New windows that block UV rays can also keep your carpet, floors and pictures from fading out in rooms that get the most light.


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