Big News for Fortnite

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The record breaking, massively popular Battle Royale, has recently made quite a few exciting announcements and changes.  Fortnite’s 6th Season just started on Thursday, September 28th.


With the start of a new season, many new cosmetics can be earned through the purchase and upgrading of the Battle Pass.  First up, developers introduced three pets to Fortnite. They added a dog, Chameleon, and dragon. Experts say, that rather than being a way to earn even more money through cosmetic sales, this is rather, supposed to be a tactic to attract a greater female audience to the title.

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The new skins in the Battle Pass did not disappoint either.  With the purchase of a Battle Pass, you’ll get two exclusive skins of the bat, Calamity and DJ Yonder.  From there, you can unlock skins such as an upgradable Werewolf, as the level 100 skin.


New locations on the map have been added, as well.  They include a floating island, corn fields, a haunted castle, and corrupted areas.  In these areas, along with the rest of the map, a new item is scattered called the Shadow Stone.  Users become invisible for a short amount of time, with increased movement speed, jump height, and fall damage immunity.  


The biggest and most exciting announcement, however, is that Fortnite will be cross platform compatible on all platforms.  That’s right, Sony finally gave in, and now PS4 players will be able to play with all their friends on Xbox One, Switch, PC, or mobile.  This is huge, as Sony has come out to say that this will be the first of quite a few titles, aimed at eventually being cross platform compatible.


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