Big News for Apple Users!

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It’s been a big week for Apple.  

After months of hints, centered around the long rumored iOS 12, a lot of news has recently come out.  

First off, Apple “accidentally” leaked official images of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus. These phones are reportedly set to drop sometime in September.  

Popular blog centered around Apple called 9to5Mac, claimed to have photos of the new phone which. It will supposedly have a 5.8 inch and 9.5 inch screen models with improved designs and an OLED screen.  


The OLED screen is a really exciting detail, as that means there is a possibility the newest iPhone’s screens will be curved.

Following the leak of Apple’s newest iPhones, many details about iOS 12 have been released.  After fixing a frustrating glitch, spamming users of the beta with an obnoxious alert for a non-existing update, Apple seems to be following through with their promise.

 Reports are saying iOS is faster and more fluid than ever throughout the entire iOS product line.


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