Amazon Cracks $1 Trillion in Stock Prices

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Amazon, on Tuesday, made history by becoming the second U.S.-listed public company to reach into the $1 trillion market-cap section.  The first being Apple, only a month prior.

Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, has become the wealthiest person in the world, almost doubling the size of Bill Gates wealth.  The stock has found a way to surge even further up, than its already astonishing gains. It has manifested a rise of seventy-five percent rise in 2018.  


While current shareholders are extremely content with this substantial rise in stocks, financial advisors are beginning to warn against investing in further in Amazon’s current stock prices.   Analysts are claiming that the stock has gone quite extreme lately, and is most likely going to be pulled back down. Besides the possible fall in stock prices, stockholders are suggested to not cashout as Amazon’s relative strength index is still quite high.   


With Amazon reaching on all time high, it will be interesting to see if this current state of success continues.  Amazon has not been known to have an extremely clean record, with politicians on both sides of the spectrum bashing the company for extremely low wages and harm to the post office.  Only time will tell…


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