A Natural Approach to Rising Health Epidemics

The Top Natural Solutions You Need To Know

Modern research shows that over 93% of the world’s population will encounter at least one of these three issues in their lifetime. With advances in science, technology, and an understanding of the human body, these companies aim to make these health risks a thing of the past. Using an all natural approach is believed to be the key to having the body heal itself rather than becoming chemically dependent on substances that can cause harm in other areas.

Overweight or Diabetic?

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We now live in a world where MORE people are obese than underweight. Since 1975, the rate of obese men has tripled and for women doubled. Even moderate obesity can take three years off of life expectancy. Severe obesity can take shorten a person’s life by 10 years, the same effect a lifetime of smoking has.

Not only is obesity deadly, but it has several psychosocial effects. In western cultures where the ideal of physical attractiveness is thinness, obese people suffer multiple disadvantages. They are often blamed for their condition and subject to discrimination. Obese people can be viewed as lazy for their inability to lose weight. This makes it common for obese people to have fewer or no romantic relationships and lower incomes. Obese people not only have to struggle with physical disabilities, but because of discrimination their quality of life is greatly diminished. Metabolism is partially genetic and outside of one’s control, but there’s multiple approaches you can take to conquer weight loss.

Do You Have Dirty Blood?

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Do you eat fried foods, drink alcohol, or smoke? Do you ever eat nonorganic foods? Do you live in a city? If yes, then you’re exposed to a DAILY assault from free radicals. Free radicals are in pesticides, air pollutants, the foods you eat, and even the water you drink.

Free radicals are unstable molecules. They cause damage to your body through oxidation, the same process that turns an apple turn brown. Free radicals rampage through your body reacting with compounds and oxidizing them. High levels of oxidative stress affect every organ in the human body and lower the quality of your blood. This speeds up aging of the body and mind and causes a wide range of illnesses and diseases like cancer.

You can fight free radical damage with antioxidants, the “free radical scavengers”. Antioxidants help prevent, neutralize, and eradicate free radicals before they damage vital molecules.

Size “Really Does Matter”

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How important is penis size? For women, it’s AS IMPORTANT as height found the scientific journal, Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences. The study used computer generated imagery to test the affects of penis size variations relative to height and torso size. They used these factors to measure the attractiveness of the male body to women.

For natural selection, size really did matter back in the day.  Women chose partners with bigger genitalia because it increased their chances of getting pregnant. Men with larger penises had a better advantage of clearing out sperm from previous mates.  Evolutionally, this preoccupation with size lingers in the human psyche. Cultures still view large phalluses as a sign of general health and vigor.

You can’t deny there is a universal unspoken obsession with size, but is it mainly for men or women? The obsession for men lays in their desire to attract and retain a partner, but another study shows that women actually prefer just a slightly larger than average penis size. The final conclusion? Size is all relative to your body and proportions, but female choice is definitely the driving force behind this obsession with size.


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  1. I have had Tinnitus for years,but you learn to ignore it,like being married,(49 years today for me)ha ha.On a serious note.I have noticed that when I am nodding off,then wake up,my ears have gone quiet,then the volume comes back up,as I awake.This MUST be related to brain activity,the awake part,not the part that keeps your vitals,breathing and heart going while you sleep.I hope that this information is of some use to researchers,as,if they do not have tinnitus,they do not know what to look for.It is not like a broken limb where they can look at Xrays to see what the problem is.
    David Green,Leeds

    • That is true they never find nothing though cause they don’t look especially if you are on that diner list don’t ya no . like the name kinda like johhny cash Legend

    • There must be different causes for Tinnitus: mine is most noticeable first thing in the morning when I wake, but it is there 24/7. It has been suggested that my problem stems from over-developed lower jaw muscles impinging on auditory nerves, possibly from grinding my teeth as a child!

      • I had a massive traumatic Head Injury in 1991. I fell 2 stories in Atlanta, GA. and landed on my head on the Concrete. I was in a coma for 2 weeks and when I woke up I could not even remember my name. I lost all of my memory. I still have flashbacks. But the tinnitus started at that time and got worse. I went to my class Reunion in 1995 and I did not know anyone at the reunion. I could not recognize one person from my school that I grew up with for 12 years. I cannot hear the AC running in the house or the refrigerator because the Ringing in my ears is so loud it drowns out all of that noise. I cannot hear what people are saying much of the time because it has to be louder than the ringing in my ears or I do not hear it. Time of day does not matter. It is the same all of the time. Sometimes it keeps me awake all night and I feel a vibration in my brain that does not let me go to sleep. I have no idea what to do about it and no one else seems to know either and the Medical Community seems to be not interested in helping.

    • hey David… oh wow,,, the very same thing happens to me also… it’s sooooooooo weird. I have different variables & go thru stages of tinn & of quiet,,, the cycles are crazy.
      Like i’m not tired enough already, if the smallest thing wakes me up & the ear/head are blarring, it’s next to impossible for me to fall back asleep.
      I’m so tireddddddd. …UGH & mine is hard to ignore…I have a masker for sleep or going out & a computer program with cicadas when i’m home,,, it’s sooo gr8. & I can take that masker out of my ear.

  2. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an very long comment but after I
    clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyhow, just wanted to say great blog!

  3. It’s a very good point that everyone around the world should consider because it will save lives.

    ta. James.

  4. I have Tinnitus, but like others, have learned to ignore it. It only bothers me now when I’m sitting alone and not concentrating on anything. I dont know how or why, but would sure like to get rid of it. If you are on to some way to get rid of it, I applaud you, but it would never work for me.

  5. I think i have Tinnitus that ringing in my ears it’s always there I completely lost hearing in one ear and the other is starting to get bad I just don’t have the money for treatment and the hearing aids are so expensive and health insurance won’t cover because it’s considered cosmetic how could that be cosmetic if you can’t hear that is so sad?

  6. Wanted to know if this would help with glucoma I have it in both eyes?! Also, how would this help a person that had Parkinson’s disease, my brother in law was diagnosed with it??!!

  7. Hi I have MS & was trying to get someone to contact me but can’t find an address ?can anyone help me for the CBD capsules?
    Thanks in advance

  8. Sounds like a breakthrough. I suffer from anxiety and many other health issues too. If this works I would give it a try.

  9. I reckon it’s my own fault being a drummer and setting in front of amps for hours each week. Anything that could possibly reduce the roaring and whistling and allow me to hear without facing the person speaking to me (although I’m getting good at reading lips)would be a big help at work. After 60 yrs.,am wearing glasses and hearing help would be GREAT

  10. This is great info & clarifies our doubts or misgivings – we need such UPTODATE info & where pertinent R & D is being done in our best interests – I think concerned Pharma Cos should refrain from breaking news in the likely event R & D has NOT reached or has NOT significantly concluded or has NOT substantially ended in success – for instance , the frequent news on Type II diabetes & obesity etc is only confusing us – As patients of these ailments we expect GOOD NEWS & are not keen about just ONGOING NEWS ON
    R & D ; but , info about what strides & breakthru’s have been made in these areas of our health rather than just ongoing
    R & D – plz refrain from giving us such news – thanks …

  11. Useful information on Tinnitus symptoms. It’s a regular feeling one experiences from time to time. I’m glad to know more from this page. Very useful information here.

  12. i have the ringing in both ears, and have 40% loss in one and 60% in the other. the ringing is worse, but with my hearing aides, it goes away. i am only 45 yrs, and have had this is for over 20 yrs.

    • I don’t know if this bit of info may help some people to under stand the cause of the tinnitus ( ringing in your ears. Consider this. How many sufferers have had sore throat when they were children? I did… lots . sometimes it would happen for a short time but then there were times that my sore throat would become all out horrendous and then it would proceed to be an ear ache. I suffered all of these maladies to the extent that , being reared on a farm you were expected to do various farm duties while home remedies like having smoke from a cigarette blown into your ears or warm oil administered to ease the discomfort. I have found that the home remedies did nothing while my ear aches were being caused by bouts of toncellitis (sore throat) with the infection traveling up the eustachtion tube to my inner ear. The multiple bouts of sore throat going up into my inner ear to the point that the infection caused the miniscule hairs within the cochlea to be damaged to the extent that all these tiny hairs that should be all standing up are now all lying down and shorting out which leaves the tinnitus sufferers with the continuous crickets forever chirping in your ears. Sadly my fellow sufferers there is nothing you can do to alleviate this. Those tiny hairs are forever in their damaged state and will only give us peace when hearing aids or bypass plugs are inserted into your ears . Don’t fall for any gimmicks pushed by individuals who promise you much needed relief. I’m in my late seventies and have had hearing aides for the last 25 years. If I take them out then the crickets are back big time. Sorry to be the one to bring sad tidings.

  13. all very interesting – BUT where’s the info re generating ‘free’ electricity??? your attention- grabbing headline story!!!!

  14. I have the same problems as Sarah, hearing loss in both ear’s, have hearing aids in both ear’s but they don’t stop the ringing or buzzing at all. l have had this problem for years. My age is 77 yrs (male).

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  16. Very informative.. Continue the good work of bringing others to regain their neglected self consciousness.

  17. all very interesting – BUT where’s the info re generating ‘free’ electricity??? your attention- grabbing headline story!!!!

  18. Desejo analisar e adquirir os produtos. Estou sem muita audição devido um grande acidente de moto onde bati num jumento e partiu em pedaços.

    Desejo trabalhar com voces.

    Aguardo contato urgente.

    Att Miguel lima

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    The sector hopes for more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they
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    seems as though you relied on the video to make your point.
    You definitely know what youre talking about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your weblog when you
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    Keep up the good writing.


  23. I suffer from sever anxiety, fibromyalgia and epilepsy and feel the CBD drop would be of great benefit to me, ty, Monica

  24. I suffer from chronic back pain due to heavy lifting due to working for a abbittor ( slaughter house) and carrying heavy weights into butcher shops… I am constantly taking pain killers to try and relieve the pain.

  25. Very informative information that will be shared with my family & friends!!! Topics that are very useful for many different health issues…

    Plus gives us great updates to each issue medically, and through natural health methods…

  26. i found turmeric to be completely useless in reducing joint pain. tried it for a month and could not notice any reduction in my pain levels. what else is out there [thats natural]..!!

  27. Thanks for your Informative e-mail, by the way i do not know what is CBD.
    with my L-4 L-5 and spreading upper part of the body i think will help, better than Oxy. cont. Oxy codon. as they are natural.

  28. Hello guys i asking you about endovex so ryt now I’m here at alqassim I want to try this but I don’t know if where I buy this guys help me please!

  29. I went through all of the different topics, which I found interesting, but don’t get me any closer to registering for CBD oil therapy.. I am extremely interested in this, and feel certain that I could benefit from this treatment.. I have severe tinnitus, & a liver that misbehaves at times, but my main (all time) problem, is chronic osteo-arthritis,which leaves me in constant pain..and I absolutely refuse to constantly swallow the ‘cocktail of drugs’ that is prescribed for me on an ongoing basis.. No way!! I recently have actually had the opiate one deleted from my monthly prescription..

  30. have Tinnitus, but like others, have learned to ignore it. It only bothers me now when I’m sitting alone and not concentrating on anything. I dont know how or why, but would sure like to get rid of it. If you are on to some way to get rid of it, I applaud you, but it would never work for me.

  31. Hello there.
    I am emailing from Australia because i want to know if it is atall possible to have shipped to Australia & how much does it cost

  32. I suffer with pain i cant skeep my legs ache constantly andrive s me mad. Pls i will try anything just to stop the pIn

  33. I really appreciate hearing some facts instead of the usual corporate pharmaceutical pitches. Clearly a well-balanced diet and moderate exercise with moderate mental and spiritual discipline are the main keys to good health in both body and mind. No amount of medical assistance or drugs will replace these. Mind, Body, Spirit !

  34. I really agree with most of the concepts you mentioned. These facts are interesting and convincing, it’s worth applying them.

  35. Hmmm this is actually fantastic.am really glad i gad this..and had really learnt so much from this information.please i need more..i will register.thank you

  36. I am willing to give this a try as modern medicine has not worked. I suffer from insomnia., back pain, depression, stress headaches and restless leg syndrome.

  37. I suffer with chronic spinal arthritis and I am very interested in being considered for clinical trials. I have had problem for 20 years. And have had disc direction from the neck as well

  38. Many of these things l knew, but there are some l didn’t know. So thank you very much for sharing all these healthy things with us. I am an immigrant and retired, l live in Canada for 16 years and I am trying to live in my own way l used to all my life. Since there are so many unhealthy foods out there I decided not to live in a way most people do. As l am 78 years old l think I am pretty healthy for this reason. So l like to learn everything about healthy healthy living, please send to all your people what’s new and useful.

  39. My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.

  40. I have Tinnitus that ringing in my ears it’s always there just wish it would go away as it is getting worse and affecting what I hear now. It is becoming very difficult to carry on a conversation with anyone. Wish someone could cure it

  41. Size matters is a joke.
    You have never played the pickup game.
    I can take it too a more destructive level.
    Men who think size matters, generally their girlfriend or wife is an easy target.
    Any man who thinks the average woman decides on a man based on penis size
    is a complete moron.

  42. I think that to have a healthy life is to eat healthy things, when it should be, and the realization of proper exercise. The conscience of the human being to protect himself has been the difference to have the best quality of life.


  43. Hello, maybe you aren’t a medical doctor, but I have tried to resolve this issue I have been experiencing, whenever my wife I try to get intimate, I get turn off by the slightest thing and that prevent me from performing, I mean little things seem to turn me off, if i shave yesterday and today we try to be intimate with each other, she will flinch while we are playing with each other and just that move will start the process or she will say I cannot touch her certain place, i am limited of the places i can touch, its a no no to even go around her private area, we constantly have discussion about that, so when we are in the mood i have to be thinking that I shouldn’t touch certain parts and that turns me off, I have to tell her love making is exploring each other, but she don’t get it, my wife is very modest sometime I think she is taking modesty to a different leave, we have no children and she does nothing to put some joy in the marriage, after five years and she still hide from me, she come to bed with her pyjamas and duster robe on, that’s how she sleep, I ask her to tell me what she will like me to do when that moment comes, I know all what i should not do, but what I can do to make the moment special I am still waiting.
    I was thinking if I can boots myself up with testosterone maybe I will maintain my erection when those negative thoughts come in, what you think.
    if you have any suggestion of things i can try I will love to here it, thank you in advance.

  44. I wanted to know if my diabetic neorophy pain on both my feet will be lessen or cure for relief. I experience this for more than 25 years.

  45. I suffer from nerve pain do to protruding discs and spinal stenosis and anything that could help is always welcome

  46. David Green that is interesting in that your Tinnitus comes on as you wake up, well what happens when we wake up is our Cortisol levels rise in our Adrenal glands and we have what is known as the Adrenal Pituitary Axis. These glands sit on top of our kidneys and brain function with pituitary gland is affected. So you need Thyroid testing and 24hour Adrenal Saliva test for one thing, see Thyroid UK and the Labs offering this. Just watched a lengthy thing for Ultra Omega Burn too Omega 7 by Derek Evans, should get rid of this as inflammation is rampant in our bodies these days and we have lots of toxicities and oxidation a rusting of our cells basically. Food is Frankenstein forced for supermarket mass production and treated with pesticides and herbicides so poison basically absolutely no minerals or natural vitamins in foods. Heavy metals block our cell receptors and pesticides are Endocrine disruptors.

  47. My name is Vicki Tyson.
    I use peoples email addresses to spam people from this page.
    Ive been doing this for a long time. I dont care that its illegal and ive been reported by my family and ex friends for doing this but i keep doing it because I DONT CARE.

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