6 Ways To Wear The Color Blocking Trend

You may have noticed that color blocked prints and designs are just about everywhere. It’s the perfect festive way to usher in summer, not to mention wear accessories and incorporate into summer outfits. So how to wear the color block trend? Color blocking has expanded far beyond shirts. Check out these ways that you can get color blocked and embrace that chill, fun summer vibe.

1. Printed Color Block Dress

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Image via Mara Hoffman

Whether one piece or separated into two, you can’t go wrong with a color block printed dress. These flattering dresses look good on just about everyone, and come in so many colors, that you’re bound to find something for you. Stick to two colored pieces or go for a dress that has all the colors of the rainbow! Pair with colored flats or pumps and finish off with dangling earrings or a Bohemian black hat to complete this daring and sophisticated look.

2. Color Block Skirts

19 mara hoffman 2017 rtw - 6 Ways To Wear The Color Blocking Trend
Image via MaraHoffman.com

A mini skirt or long, sweeping skirt is the perfect way to wear the color block trend! These skirts are fashionable, fun, and perfect for summer. Just pair with a basic crop top or a basic t, or you can dress it up with a long sleeved button down in a basic color. Top off with a bold statement necklace to make this color block outfit really pop.

3. Color Block Leggings

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Image via OutdoorVoices.com

Color block leggings come in a variety of colors and patterns, making them the ultimate casual chic look. The great part about color blocked leggings is that you can wear almost any basic top or tank with them and they’ll look great. Choose an over sized tee or a muscle tank, decorate with some  accessories, and pair with sporty sneakers or sandals to complete the look. Throw on a baseball hat for extra points.

4. Color Block One Piece Swimsuits

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Image via Solid & Striped

One pieces look better than ever this summer thanks to color block one piece swim suits! These suits look good on every girl, with the prints drawing the eye and the one piece covering any major flaws to be had. Plus, the Color Block print has a slimming effect, so even if you’re not completely beach ready, this swimsuit is very forgiving. Plus, you can wrap a sarong in any color around your waist, and boom! Instant fashion maven.

5. Color Block Blouse

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Image via J.Crew

Want something that’s less casual and more cute? Then a Color Block printed blouse is exactly what you’re looking for. These blouses are airy, leave room to breathe, and have a distinctly  seventies feel to them. They’re the perfect choice to go with a mini skirt or a casual pair of jeans (or ripped jean shorts). These blouses are fun and can be easily amped up with accessories like bold earrings.

6. Color Block Shorts

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Image via Asos.com

Last but not least, what would summer be without some great shorts on hand? Color Block print shorts allow for endless mixing and matching. The best part is that these shorts go with just about any top on earth, from a fitted boyfriend t to a simple tank top. They’re fun and come in a variety of lengths and materials, so you’re bound to find one that you love.

That’s it for Color Block This fun print will set the tone for summer and immediately put you in a fashionable, festive mood. There are so many colors and options when it comes to Color Block that you can’t lose! So get your wallet out, and hit the fitting rooms. This summer, Color Block is king.


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