5 Ways to Help Fight the Feeling of Being Left Out

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Everybody has had those days where you catch a bad case of fomo; you find out your friends are hanging out without you and you just feel down.  It happens to the best of us, but look no further because there is hope. Here are a few ways to help feel the void when you feel down.


  1. A Good Binge

Watching movies and tv shows, really do come in handy in any situation.  If you feel lonely, a good way to forget about your problems at hand, is with a healthy dose of an enjoyable show or movie.  It may sound lame but sometimes it’s rewarding to watch other people solve their problems, alleviating that feeling of loneliness.


  1. A Good Meal

Who doesn’t love a good meal with or without friends.  It doesn’t matter if you are going alone, treating yourself to a good meal can really boost your overall attitude.  A satisfying meal can satisfy your overall mental state, allowing you to really bring a little bit of joy, in the case of a good meal, to an overall bumming situation.  


  1. A Good Rest

Sometimes in a situation like this one the last thing you want to do is sleep.  Well I’m here to tell you otherwise. Sleeping allows you to calm down, process the situation, and prevents you from making any rash decisions, you may later regret.  Coming into a situation where you feel left is always best handled with a clear mental state.


  1.  A Good Playlist

A playlist with just the right music can be a satisfying way to accept the situation at hand.  Whether it’s bumming you out or making you angry, music is a positive way to let those feelings out.  Listening to some solid tunes is a great way to not worry about the troubles you face, and just get lost in the music your listening to.


  1.  A Good Attitude

Be positive.  A positive attitude is contagious and is often the best cure.  A positive mindset can squash any feelings of loneliness because there will be plenty of other opportunities.  Most times somebody is excluded it isn’t intention but rather a fluke or misunderstanding. Keeping a mindset that tackles these negative feelings will help you move on!


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