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5 Ways To Get a Valentines Day Date

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The key ingredient to having a great Valentine’s Day is to find your perfect Valentine. Sprucing yourself up will get you ready to ask your date out for the big holiday. After you are looking nice, you just have to pick the right time to ask your date out and build up the right amount of confidence. Go out to dinner, buy your date some roses, and really make this Valentine’s Day memorable.


1. Clean Yourself Up

You need to take a nice long shower so that you smell good. Scrub the especially sweaty areas such as between the legs, and under your arms. Wash your hair with both shampoo and conditioner. You want your hair smooth and soft when your potential partner goes to touch it. Always apply deodorant every morning before you put on your clothes.

  • Consistently brush your teeth. You do not want your breath smelling bad when you go to ask someone out for Valentine’s day. Flossing and using mouthwash is also a bonus.

2. Shave, and maintain your skin.

This is probably the most critical aspect of how you appear. The goal is to show your partner that you care about yourself, and them, to maintain how you look. For men, you need to trim your facial, chest, and pubic hair. If you want to leave some hair that is fine but trim it back, especially the wild hairs. For women, shave underarm and leg hair, and trim/shave/wax pubic hair. Once more, it is not necessary to get rid of it all, but try to get most of it.

  • After you have shaved or trimmed your hair, use lotion on your skin. Use one which explicitly is designed to hydrate your skin. Rub it on your legs, your arms, and hands. You want your skin soft and smooth when your partner goes to touch it.

3. Visit the gym.

This is mostly for people who plan well in advance of Valentine’s Day. While some people do not need to go to the gym, others might want to in order to improve their physique. Work with weights, or run on the treadmill. The goal is not to look like a bodybuilder, but to build some tone, and perhaps lose a few pounds.

  • Not only will going to the gym make you more physically fit, but it will also give you newfound confidence when you ask your potential date out for Valentine’s Day.
  • Set a goal a few months ahead of time. For example, you might want to lose ten pounds and sharpen the tone around your stomach. Create a daily or weekly schedule that meets your individual needs.
  • You can also work on changing your diet. Eating fruits and vegetables instead of snacks and junk food can help you quickly lose weight as well.

4. Apply an enticing fragrance.

For men, this means applying cologne, or aftershave. For women, this means applying perfume. The goal is to attract your partner using pheromones. Apply your fragrance onto “pulse points.” These “points” are where blood vessels are close to the skin, thereby giving off heat, and spreading the smell better.

The key “pulse points” include: behind knees, ankles, around the belly button, underneath your armpits, around your neckline, and on your wrists.

  • Only choose one or two, and only use a couple of sprays at most. The less the better. The smell of the fragrance will spread out over time.

5. Dress with style and class. 

This does not mean wearing a suit to school, but it does mean getting those wrinkles out of your clothes and wearing attire that is flattering to your significant other. Spend time in the morning picking out outfits that match, and showcase your assets. There is no reason to deviate too much from your typical wardrobe, but take extra care when picking out an outfit and it will show.

  • For girls, maybe wear a nice dress. Showing off skin is always an easy way to attract guys. Using the color red to your advantage is also important, as studies have shown that red is rather seductive.
  • For guys, wear clothes that fit tighter around the body. Show a little chest by unbuttoning the top few buttons of your shirt. Wearing clean shoes is also a plus, rather than ones trampled in mud and dirt.
  • For both guys and girls, make sure that your clothes are ironed, and don’t have any holes in them. Also, make sure that they have been recently washed so that they have a fresh, clean smell.


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