5 Interesting Items That Are So Last Season

Even though wardrobe essentials are quite important and generally make up the back bone and practicality of your style, it is a known fact that it is the current fashion trends which keep your wardrobe and style looking fresh. With warmer days expected ahead, it is not a surprise that there are certain clothing and accessory items you have to ditch this season. These are varied and also tend to depend on your feel of fashion.

Here are 5 items that are so last season and don’t look like trending any time soon. These include but are not limited to the following:

Statement Clutches

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These bags were a major trend the past few seasons but it seems to have finally run its course and has not been featured in many fashion capitals. But worry not, since they have been ably replaced with polished leather sports bags which come in soft, pastel colors and are of varying sizes with small and medium sized bags being the pick of most people.

Ear Cuffs

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Ear cuffs were the rage last season; they were quite popular and gained a lot of acceptance because they were a very stylish alternative to piercing; implying that there was no need for clips, holes or posts. The fact that they were readily available in gold and silver colors made them quite suitable for a variety of styles and looks. The new trend this season though is another stylish option; oversized antique inspired earrings. This look has been quite visible in the catwalks the past month or two. The look is quite stunning, especially so when you take into consideration that over-sized attire is out of season.

Over-sized Attire

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This has been one of the surprise fashion signatures the last season, with people opting for over-sized sweaters, jackets, tops etc. It seems many people were a bit uncomfortable not being able to show and display their body contours to the masses. The fashion gurus have listened and this season we are seeing more of the preferred flattering and feminine silhouettes strutting the catwalks and other fashion lovers are following suit. The color choices are also bright and loud.


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For some time now, Birkenstocks were the shoe of choice, for that casual and semi-casual look. Coming in a variety of colors, many people found them quite fanciful and very comfortable. As a matter of fact, many owners of Birkenstock shoes are not going to put them so far away, just on account of the shoes comfort level. Coming in to fill the gap though are the beloved ballet slippers. They are not only comfortable and light; they are also available in a wide array of colors to suit your colorful wardrobe options.

Newsboy Capstumblr m6pe94tgqy1qc0t7xo1 1280 - 5 Interesting Items That Are So Last Season

For the very style conscious, these caps provided the ultimate chic look last season, the look was spotted in numerous catwalks and was a good reminder of the tenet that fashion never really dies; it hibernates. Fortunately though for cap lovers, as the newsboy cap takes its exit, in come the chic berets which are also making a comeback after years of being kept at the periphery of upcoming fashion trends, whether it will get mainstream acceptance, only time will tell.


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