4 Reasons Why a Relationship Can Fail

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While some people are fine living single, the vast majority of people want a relationship.  Even though most people would like to be in a relationship, as it is human nature to want to be with somebody that cares for you, there is a reason why most relationships end in heartbreak.

1. Different lifestyles

In a relationship, having some similar interests can really make or brake longevity.   It’s often said that opposites attract, however if you have nothing in common that you can enjoy together, there might be a problem.  Spending quality time, on things you both enjoy, is an important way to strengthen the bonds you have.


2. Trust Issues

In a relationship, you need to be open.  Trust is essential for any relationship to succeed.  You spend so much time, and are so close to that individual. that you need to know you can fully trust them.  Often times, a lack of trust snowballs into much bigger issues. If it builds to strong, then it will be hard to give your all to the relationship.


3. Failure to Compromise

People are different, plain and simple.  And that is fine in a relationship, you learn to love your partner for who they are.  However, if there is never a compromise, then problems are bound to arise. Couples have different interests and likes and it is important to compromise on activities that make you both happy.  If a relationship becomes to one sided; it’s bound to have problems arise.

4. Infidelity

Often times in a relationship one side begins to feel their significant other isn’t enough, but tries to hide it the process.  They then have their needs satisfied by cheating on their significant other with someone, they believe, fulfills the needs their partner isn’t giving.  Although sometimes a relationship can be fixed after infidelity, often times people have zero tolerance to cheating.


A relationship can be hard to maintain, but keeping each other’s interests, well-being, and feelings in mind is great way to keep relationships long lasting.


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