3 Simple Tricks to Help Get Out of Debt

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Nothing is worst than a pile of bills or an over drawn bank account. At the time of writing more than 80% of Americans are in debt. In an effort to help lower that number, we share 3 tips that can help you break those chains.


1. Paying off high interest accounts with a lower rate. 

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that a high interest rate costs you more money. In order to help limit the amount you pay each month, experts recommend companies like Zippy Loan, who as their name implies, specialize in getting you a loan quick. Often this loan is at a much less and far more desirable rate. Using that loan to pay off your credit card in full will not only help your credit score, but it can save you potentially thousands each month.

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2. Use a professional debt settler.

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Settle your debts for a fraction of the cost and let the professionals do the work. 95% of Americans have no idea that they can settle without filing bankruptcy rather than let these debts control them. There are many laws in place to navigate this, but companies like Accredited Debt Relief specialize in only making sure you get the best deal possible.


3. Switch to a Netspend card to manage your spending. 

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Budgets are the #1 recommended thing for keeping spending in check. Sadly, they are also the least amount of fun. Getting something like a Netspend Visa Card can ensure you never go over your limit and never damage your credit. With no credit checks, no minimum balance and no activation fees, this is a no brainer.


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