4 Things You Need Before the Holidays

Future without Pharmaceuticals? CBD Takes On Big Pharma

CBD v3 - 4 Things You Need Before the Holidays

Former UFC champion Bass Rutten knows pain. As a former mixed martial arts fighter he’s participated in a ruthless bloodsport that requires rigorous and intense training. He’s seen the toll that injuries from training and fights can take on athletes. Worse, he’s seen how constant pain can lead to opioid addiction – destroying careers, families, and lives. Recently, Rutten spoke out about how CBD is the new healthy alternative to painkillers.

If you care about your body, consider CBD. It’s known to have a calming effect, relieve pain, and be completely non-addictive. Pharmaceutical pain killers can relieve pain in the short term, but they also wreck serious havoc on your stomach and liver. CBD is the opposite and provides anti-inflammatory benefits while relieving pain.

This year we’re seeing health professionals finally begin to promote the benefits of CBD.  The New England Journal of Medicine just released a peer-reviewed study proving that CBD is real medicine and reduces seizures in children. 43 percent of patients suffering from Dravet Syndrome treated with CBD had their number of seizures cut in half or more. This is just the beginning. Why use expensive and potentially addictive pharmaceuticals to treat pain when a natural cure like CBD exists?

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The $4.95 Product Every Judge On Shark Tank Backed

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EVERYONE is self conscious about aging. Our face is the first place wrinkles appear and the most important determinant of beauty. A new product was released to help eliminate those pesky fine lines and wrinkles. It’s being toted as the greatest step forward in skincare history. Shark Tank’s panel bought a staggering 25% share of the company, investing millions, and personally mentoring the sisters who created this revolutionizing anti-aging formula.

Within 5 minutes of the website launch, product was completely sold out! There’s no surprise that there’s huge demand. Clinical trials proved participants who used Puria Skin Serum were able to drastically reduce signs of aging. Keep that youthful glow and get a free sample of Puria.

There’s no guarantee this product will stay in stock.

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  1. I ordered the oil and the cream it came without directions. I don’t know how much to use on myself or my dog. I give it to my dog before he goes to vet or groomers. Keeps him calm but doesn’t sedate him. It’s great. But wish I had some kind of directions to go by.

    • Dear C,
      I know I’m not the person you were asking for advise from but I just had to reply to you. It warms my heart that you love and care for your wife so much. She is a very lucky woman.
      Have you made it clear to your wife that you think she is perfect? Also if you have concerns about her going under the knife you should explain your concerns. Be as kind and gentle as you can. Unfortunately your opinions about her appearance and your concerns about her having non-medically needed surgery may not change her mind and feelings toward herself. It may be a good idea to suggest she go to a councilor to talk. It may be she simply is not satisfied with her looks but it could be something very serious. You may not want to word it that way to her. You can suggest that she talk to a councilor so that she understands the emotions she can expect to encounter after cosmetic surgery and/or something along those lines.
      You seem like a great man. Keep being supportive and attentive as you seem to already be doing.
      Again, your post brightened my day. That may sound strange because of the topic of your post but the genuine caring and love you have for your wife is wonderful. ?

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