The Ultimate Status Symbol You Can Actually Afford

Wealthy Man Status Symbol - The Ultimate Status Symbol You Can Actually Afford

Fashion trends never cease to amaze me. When a new trend rolls around it seems like everyone in the world jumps on the bandwagon. Thankfully, there are always staples in the fashion world. Accessories are always in style. If you follow fashion trends you know that these things can often evolve into status symbols. Generally, when people think of status symbols they think of cars like a Porsche or Maybach. Yet, there’s one everyday, common object people view as an indicator of your wealth, social, and professional status. This object is actually affordable for most people. Click through to see what it is and the different versions you can afford. 

Written by Sasha Michaels

A long time writer based in Chicago with a degree in Aerospace Engineering and a minor in Political Science. Professionally writing since the age of 13, I cover topics I'm most passionate about - relationships, travel, health, and of course, politics.


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