Trump’s Thoughts on Exercise – It Will Kill You

Humans are batteries

Trump Freaking Out - Trump's Thoughts on Exercise - It Will Kill You

Donald Trump thinks exercise will destroy you. This is one aspect about his health that POTUS is pretty vocal about – he doesn’t like to break a sweat. In an interview with Dr. Oz, it was revealed at 6 feet three inches tall and two hundred and thirty six pounds, Trump is top end overweight, but not obese. He barely misses the BMI mark at 29.5 (30 would make him obese).

Publicly, Trump also brags about not being a big sleeper. “I like three hours, four hours”. This lack of sleep may explain his preference for Big Macs and steaks. A 2013 study, found that lack of sleep activates a part of the brain that prefers junk food over healthy food.

Trump Napping - Trump's Thoughts on Exercise - It Will Kill You
A Trump Nap. Image via Reuters

One in six fatal car accidents are caused by lack of sleep. Obviously, your brain doesn’t work very well when sleep deprived. For example, remember the Air France Flight 447 that crashed and killed 228 people? This was caused by a pilot falling asleep in the cockpit. He was running on only one hour of sleep from the night before.

How many of the world’s disasters do you think will be linked back to our KFC loving Chief Commander’s lack of sleep?

Trump KFC - Trump's Thoughts on Exercise - It Will Kill You

Still, with all startling health revelations Trump has made, it’s his belief that physical exercise will kill you faster which really stands out.

In the book, Trump Revealed, Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher wrote about how Trump believes exercise zaps your energy.

After college, after Trump mostly gave up his personal athletic interests, he came to view time spent playing sports as time wasted. Trump believed the human body was like a battery, with a finite amount of energy, which exercise only depleted. So he didn’t work out. When he learned that John O’Donnell, one of his top casino executives, was training for an Ironman triathlon, he admonished him, “You are going to die young because of this.”

For Donald Trump, exercise is misguided and will shorten your life.

Trump Golf - Trump's Thoughts on Exercise - It Will Kill You
Image via Patrick Semansky / Associated Press

Don’t worry Trump still golfs. Even if he has admitted to cheating at the game.


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