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The Kardashians Are Back…

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Sunday night, the season premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians was extremely tense just like we expected.

The Season 15 premiere gave us taste of the sisters getting into some major conflict which will probably continue throughout the season. I mean what else would we expect?

Scenes from the premiere, show Kim struggling to have a Christmas Card shoot fit everybody’s  schedule. Like always, things take a turn for the worst when Kim and Kourtney get into it.

As seen by the clip above things get really heated with each of them taking pretty substantial jabs at the other one.

The beef continued though online as Kim and Khloe got into it on Twitter with a lot of shade being thrown with the first tweet by Khloe (seen below) starting it…

Despite the major beef seemingly to be present on our screens, Kim has asserted that everything between the sisters is good.  Like every family; arguments are inevitable, the Kardashians just tend to be in a more eccentric fashion than the average persons. That’s what makes them the Kardashians!


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