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The Healthiest Ice-Cold Superfood – On Your Plate For Just 25 Cents!

FrozenSpinach - The Healthiest Ice-Cold Superfood – On Your Plate For Just 25 Cents!

Cheap Healthy Foods

Healthy and clean eating can be an expensive task. When you try to go organic or look for natural, unprocessed alternatives for meals, it can strain your wallet. Experts want the public to know it’s easy to eat healthy on a tight budget. Recently, the Times released a list of healthy foods (all approved by experts and nutritionists) that are just as healthy for your budget as your diet.

Most cost just under $1 per serving.

The Globally Acclaimed Super Food

There are many different healthy eating options for under $1, like peanut butter, eggs, and beans. Yet, there’s one food that is unanimously acclaimed all over the world as a super food. It’s something you can also get very cheap. Are you wondering what it is? It’s Popeye’s favorite food – spinach.

Frozen spinach to be more accurate.

Frozen vegetables and fruits are known to be much cheaper than fresh vegetables and fruits. While it’s a commonly circulated myth among people, that frozen vegetables lose their nutrients, this isn’t true. Veggies are frozen at their freshest state.  By the time spinach reaches your plate, it has just been thawed out from its original goodness and is still jam packed with all the nutrients.

Health Boosting Properties

According to nutritionist, Carolyn Dean, MD of the Nutritional Magnesium Association, scientific research has concluded spinach is the most effective cancer-fighting vegetable known. Consuming spinach boosts levels of folate, magnesium, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, copper, protein, and fiber. Now, there’s no excuse to not have a freezer filled with spinach.

There’s thousands of ways to incorporate frozen spinach into your diet. Big bags cost as little as $1. Use spinach to make egg scrambles, mix with soups, mix in to a pasta or a pesto sauce, add to your meatballs, juice it up, or even blend it with frozen berries to make a nice, healthy smoothie. For more inspiration, search spinach on Pinterest for recipes. The best part? A serving of spinach costs 25 cents or less!


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