How To Talk to Hot Girls. Guys You Won’t Want To Miss Out On This One.

How do you not get nervous around cute/hot girls?

This is a common question a lot of guys ask themselves but not those around them so we’re here to help if you’re struggling to talk to beautiful women. We’ll go through the reasons why and give you  the insights necessary to make it easier for you to talk to cute/hot girls.

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Hot/Cute Girls

These are the girls you think of on a daily basis. The ones that make you creepily guilty when you skim over their Instagram photos (stop doing that), the ones whose beauty always stops you in the middle of anywhere you are.

These girls are the ones that are harder to talk to:

High Risk

You’re afraid that if you mess up when you talk to her she’ll vanish from your site, forever. This goes back to the “she’s the one that got away” mentality. Psychologically speaking, because we are afraid to lose something we see as valuable, we tend to be delicate and safe with it.


Well, because we view this girl as a “good-looking” valuable human being, we tend to be delicate and too safe with our approach: leads to our nervous anxiety.

Do you remember the last time you were really horny? How hard it was to do homework, eat your meal, and even walk around the house? You may think this theory is a little out there, but it isn’t because it’s true.

She makes you horny, which makes it hard for you to think, so you stumble and mumble when approaching her.


There will be many men who will be trying to go after her at the same time. Competition can make guys queasy so this is another reason why they don’t approach.

Hot girls have developed a really good sense of social cues because they get hit on a ton and are more sociable. And, we as guys can feel their special sixth sense when we approach them. So much so that when end up talking to a hot girl, we know they’re judging us.

They’re judging to see if you can calm your ass down and have a normal conversation with them. Many men can’t handle this, so they just freeze up.

Everything above is pretty much the reason why average looking girls are easier to talk to than hotter ones. So, now we’re ready to answer your common question of this article.

How to Talk to Hot Girls

Build Up An Immune System

Approach and try to pickup every single girl you see on a daily basis. I don’t care if they look like an ogre or they look like a princess, try to pick them up. The more you do this, the more you’ll begin to understand the nuances that girls carry with them during a social interaction.

I’m not saying that every girl is the same, rather you’ll be able to see patterns with girls who carry the same traits. Believe it or not, many average looking girls can carry the same personality traits as hot girls. You just need to approach them to find this out.

Treat Them Like a Human Being

Treat them how you treat cool people. If they’re not cool, then treat them how you interact with not so cool people.

Please understand that she farts, belches, and takes mad shits like everyone else. So, treat her how you interact with everyone else.

Be Direct

Tell her your true intentions. I’m not just saying to tell her that she’s cute. I’m telling you to tell her she’s cute and FOLLOW UP with your compliment by asking her out / getting her number / making a move…

Do you know how many times she’s encountered a guy who says, “can I have your number?” WITHOUT treating her like everyone else by not qualifying her to see if she’s a cool person or not.

Don’t be that guy.

Do you know how many times she’s had guys CREEPILY stare at her and do NOTHING?

Don’t be that guy.

Be the guy that can confidently approach her, who treats her like everyone else by qualifying to see if she’s a cool person or not, who makes it apparent his DIRECT intentions, and then who uses all that information to close.

It may seem complicated, but the more you practice, the easier it will become.

Use all of this information for your benefit.

You got this player.


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