Science Says Bald Men Look More Successful, Intelligent, and Masculine

Apparently, more attractive too.

BruceWillisbyBenniValsson - Science Says Bald Men Look More Successful, Intelligent, and Masculine
Bruce Willis has mastered the bald look. Photography by Benni Valsson.

Scared of losing your hair? Don’t be. Science has determined that success is commonly associated with bald men. Need an example? Steve Ballmer, Kenneth Frazier, and Jeff Bezos all sport shaved heads and triumphed at life. The fact that they share baldness and prosperity, can be viewed as simply a coincidence or per some studies, even a contributing factor to their achievements.

According to research from the University of Pennsylvania, bald men are often viewed as more dominant and successful compared to their peers with luscious locks. This isn’t surprising once you consider that two of Hollywood’s leading men in macho action films are Bruce Willis and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. On first impression, bald men can come off as larger, stronger, and more powerful.

A scientist, Albert E. Mannes, conducted a study with 59 people back in 2012, but the study is seeing renewed interest. Mannes, also bald, wanted to have a clear picture of how people react when shown pictures of a man who is bald versus those blessed with hair. Individuals participating in the study, were shown a photo twice of the same person. The first photo was of the man with hair while the second was the same man, digitally retouched, to have no hair.  At the end of the study, Mannes concluded that most people thought bald men were stronger, bigger, and more dominant.

The type of baldness correlated with people’s reactions. To be seen as dominant, men had to be completely bald or sporting a shaved head. Men with bald patches, common with male pattern baldness, were perceived as weaker and less attractive.

Another independent study determined that bald men are viewed as more powerful and intelligent. Ronald Henss, Psychologist of the University of Saarland, conducted a study with over 20,000 subjects. From this study, they determined that bald men appeared older, and therefore more intelligent. If you fear losing your hair, don’t stress – life is about to get better.

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