Russian Women Prefer Foreign Men

Russian Woman - Russian Women Prefer Foreign Men

49% of all Russian women are single. How to help the 30 million lovely single ladies?

Fortunately, we have the internet and love is only a click away. Do these international dating sites seem too good to be true? Maybe. Some frauds do exist, but this is definitely not the norm. Many social and demographic situations in Russia push women to look for love and marriage abroad. The internet is the perfect place for them to connect with potential partners.

Russia lacks Men

The Russian State ­Statistic Committee published a report in 2014 stating that there are 10.5 million more women living in Russia today then men. The average age of men is 36, for women its 41. This age gap is because younger men in the country have an unusually high mortality rate widening the gender imbalance. Side note, alcoholism is real.

Russia has an Increasing Divorce Rate

The Russian divorce rate now hovers at 51%. After President Vladimir Putin, divorced his wife for a gymnast (25 years her junior), ditching your wife for a younger woman has become more socially acceptable in Russia. This leaves eligible divorcées looking for love.

Russian Women Bemoan their Men 

Russian women also feel trapped when trying to find a Russian husband. “Our men are too lazy, prefer to drink in front of a TV or a computer, without thinking of how to amuse their women,” a parliament member, Vadim Dengin, explained. A typical cliche of daily family life in Russia? A drunk father yelling a mother. This rings true for Dengin and many other Russians. Women want better lives and are beginning to search for love in other countries.

Hot Russian Wife - Russian Women Prefer Foreign Men
Not even paying attention… (Image via DirectTV)

Distance is Not An Issue

62% of Russians saw no issue with marrying a foreigner. Russian patriotism should not stand in the way of true love abroad. Russian women look to the internet to find their international matches.The international marriage agency “Lovemage” analyzed their records and discovered that Americans are the most coveted husbands among Russians, Germans second, and Italians follow at third.

Natasha Poly - Russian Women Prefer Foreign Men
A Russian export, supermodel, Natasha Poly (she married Dutch).

Russian Women the Perfect Match?

The top traits men look for in international wives are a fluency in their spoken language, good attitude, and attentiveness. Most Russian women on the prowl tend be college educated with a career and solid financial footing. Russian culture has also taught women to be home centric. An emphasis is placed on family values that take priority over anything else. All these characteristics add up the type of partner men are looking for.

The Most Obvious Point

They’re some of the most beautiful women in the world. Why else are so many Bond girls Russian?

WARNING there may be risque photos, but men can find their Russian beauty here

Bond Girl - Russian Women Prefer Foreign Men


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