Paramount Remembers Paul Walker

paul walker was star popular fast furious movie franchise - Paramount Remembers Paul Walker

Paramount Network recently revealed a new documentary entitled I Am Paul Walker which is an hour exploration into the actors life and career in the movie industry.  It will include exclusive footage of the actor and interviews with family, friends, and cast. You can watch this said documentary online on Paramount Network’s live stream.


Younger brother Cody Walker explained how he feel Paul would respond if he knew there was a documentary being made on him stating “He wouldn’t be like, ‘Yeah, it’s my documentary!’ Well, Paul, wherever you are, too bad. Love you. But we want to brag about you and we want to tell everybody about how awesome a brother and a friend and a son and a father you were. It wouldn’t do Paul justice just to portray him as an individual who had everything and was just so happy and had no conflicts in his life. And it humanizes Paul in the way that we knew him.”


Watch this touching documentary now on Paramount Network’s online streaming service.


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