Must have Jewelry Essentials this Spring

bracelets layering 2 - Must have Jewelry Essentials this Spring
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Spring is a time of renewal, and with trees and flowers coming into bloom, its time to draw inspiration from nature! Spring jewelry can be challenging, but this year, there are some solid front runners that we absolutely love. Simple metals and chunky rings are still in, but they’re overshadowed heavily this spring by a barrage of fantastic earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. So what should grace your wrists, ears, and neck this season? Check out our list to discover the best spring jewelry trends. You can find great style in any price range and this spring is no exception!

Estate Earrings

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Estate earrings are a throwback to the jewelry of your grandmother’s era, but with an updated twist that gives them a fresh feel. They were featured at the runway shows for Christian Dior, Proenza Shouler, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Altuzarra, Bottega Veneta, and Nina Ricci. Your grandmother would totally approve!

Layered Gold/Silver/Colored Bangles

bracelets layering 2 - Must have Jewelry Essentials this Spring
Image via LenaPenteado.com

This look combines Bohemian and a little bit of Delhi. Stacked gold or silver bangles lining your forearms give a look that is complex yet simple to achieve. Easily dress up a plain tee or accent a favorite tank top just by stacking several bangles. Add a simple gold necklace for contrast. Bangles can be thin and uniform or a combination of small and chunky together. It’s all up to you.

Floral Statement Necklaces

Short Hairstyle And Statement Necklace - Must have Jewelry Essentials this Spring
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Flowers and metal join together to make a statement piece! These statement necklaces are the perfect way to add a splash of daring to a simple color blocked outfit or spring maxi dress! Eyes are drawn front and center to bold necklaces that celebrate spring with metallic accents and a variety of lush colors.

Lacquer Cuffs

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Image via Hermes


It’s the same old cuff, but done up! Cuffs are the perfect way to accessorize your wrist and arms. Right now, it’s all about the glossy lacquer coating. From slick black to demure pastels, lacquer cuffs are a fun way to add a pop of color and some attitude to any outfit. Where to find? The Forever 21 jewelry section is your best bet for fun cuffs at super affordable prices.

Pendant Necklaces

9301995 - Must have Jewelry Essentials this Spring
Image via Nordstrom.com

Pendant necklaces are making a comeback for spring, and just in time! These long elegant necklaces are simple but come with oh so many options and designs, not to mention metals and textures. They’re just too good to resist and were popular on Dolce & Gabbana’s runways this spring.

Layered Necklaces

il 570xN.953582592 ehrk - Must have Jewelry Essentials this Spring

Use what you have for this next trend. Just take one to four necklaces (even more if you’re daring) and layer them! Thin gold necklaces with different symbols or designs such as a pointed arrow look cute, or do what the designers did and combine different styles of necklaces, like a choker and a long chain, for a unique look.


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