Movie Pass Crashes For Now. . . Or Maybe Forever?

moviepass 758x398 - Movie Pass Crashes For Now. . . Or Maybe Forever?

Movie Pass, a quite unique subscription based service, has been experiencing a temporary service outage since Thursday night.

The subscription based company allows users admittance into one movie a day, with some exceptions, after a small payment of $9.95 a month.

As many customers rely on this service to pay for their movie tickets, it was quite a shock, as their movie passes were declined at theaters around the United States. This was reportedly due, in part, to the parent company of Movie Pass known as Helios and Matheson Analytics running out of funds Thursday night.

Friday, Movie Pass filed to borrow five millions dollars in a Security and Exchange Commission. This was listed to pay for the fees charged during the service outage.

With customers beginning to question their trust in the program for the foreseeable future, and AMC launching a new service very similar to Movie Pass, slated as Stubs A-List, Movie Pass’s longevity as a buisnesss may soon be under question.


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