Life Hacks for the Lazy Cook

Chicken Broccoli - Life Hacks for the Lazy Cook

Some people find cooking relaxing. Others find it rewarding and therapeutic. While some cooks just love to cook because they love to eat. If this doesn’t ring true to you, you may not enjoy cooking as everyone. Some cooks are not interested in the ordeal of cooking but do so only due to necessity. If you believe you are one of these cooks, keep reading to see tips to learn how the process of cooking can be made a lot easier.

Buy a Timer

You do not always have to hover over your food. Instead of forgetting about pasta on the stove or casserole in the fridge, invest in purchasing a kitchen timer. It will let you sit on the couch in peace while your food is cooking in the kitchen.

Cooking Timer - Life Hacks for the Lazy Cook
60 minute kitchen timer – a must have for any cook!

Store Batter in Bottles

Every time you make pancakes, you usually make too much batter. You have extra pancakes and extra batter. One way to cut down on cooking times is by storing excess batter in a bottle such as a clean ketchup squeeze bottle. This will help you cook only the amount of pancakes you want, without creating waste. You won’t have to wake up early every day to mix together batter.

Pancake Batter - Life Hacks for the Lazy Cook
Store pancake batter in a recycled ketchup bottle for perfect portioning (Image courtesy of Creative Commons)

Use Your Oven

Too often, this common kitchen appliance, is overlooked. Little do people know, many one dish meals can be made in the kitchen. You can also multitask by cooking some food in the oven while you cook other food on the stove. This applies to bread, bacon, vegetables and anything else you like hot and crispy.

Chicken Broccoli - Life Hacks for the Lazy Cook
One Pan Drumsticks and Broccoli (Image via Food Network)

Prep is Key

This does sound like an extra step in the process. However, when you feel like you can motivate yourself, only once a week, put some time and effort into your preparation. Cut the veggies and meat you want to use, cook your meals and place them in the fridge. If you hate to cook, you can knock out all your cooking for one week in one day. Of course, this is more for people who despise cooking ruining their schedule.

Food Prep - Life Hacks for the Lazy Cook
Weekday Meal Prep Pesto Chicken And Veggies (Image via Buzzfeed)

Use your Waffle Maker and Sandwich Maker for More

In reality, you can make anything with these devices because they are simply heated, shaped plates. Use your waffle maker to make pizza and your sandwich maker to make frittatas. There are countless recipes online re purposing common household appliances such as toaster ovens and rice cookers.

Waffle Pizza - Life Hacks for the Lazy Cook
Waffle Pizza! It exists. (Image via Food Network)

Find Joy in Cooking

Perhaps you do not like to cook because it seems like a chore. Maybe you don’t like cooking because you don’t enjoy your own cooking. This can be helped. Start by finding recipes of food you enjoy. By cooking food you enjoy, you can relax in the process. Furthermore, following a recipe exactly will help ensure a delicious product. It also saves time in the kitchen when you are confused about what to cook. The Joy Of Cooking is always a classic to learn the basics of cooking. 

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