Guess What Lazy Americans Are Blowing Their Money On?

Blue Apron

BlueApron - Guess What Lazy Americans Are Blowing Their Money On?
Image via Blue Apron

More than a food delivery service, Blue Apron is a grocery service that sims to increase healthy eating. The home food delivery service sends subscribers a box full of ingredients with instructions to help them eat healthy and create a delicious meal. Customers have multiple options when it comes to subscribing to the service. You can order two servings twice or four times a week. If you have a family you can increase your order to four servings per small meal.

If you have had your fill of ordering in food and want to learn the basics of cooking, Blue Apron is for you. It is a little more expensive than ordering food with the help of an app every once in awhile and does require a commitment. Nevertheless, you will learn how to cook the healthiest foods with their unique ingredients, but there are services out there that will just manage your grocery shopping.

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