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Kendall Jenner Will Make You Say WTF! The Model’s Appearance in Lil Dicky’s Music Video Was Cringe Worthy

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Kendall Jenner made sure everyone knows she has a vagina.

The  22-year-old model did a surprise guest rap at the end of Lil Dicky’s new music video Freaky Friday which was released on Thursday and featured Chris Brown.


The storyline here is that a man at a Chinese restaurant pulls a magic trick and turns Lil Dicky into Chris Brown. Brown and Dicky walk around in each other’s bodies for a little while until they finally meet in a nightclub where the man from the restaurant is also hanging out. Using his magical powers, the man turns Dicky into Ed Sheeran, DJ Khaled, and then ultimately, Kendall Jenner.

And then… Jenner sings.


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