The 5 Best Ways To FINALLY Lose That Gut

Gut 1 - The 5 Best Ways To FINALLY Lose That Gut

Losing belly fat doesn’t seem to be a priority for most men. Belly fat, often known as a beer belly, isn’t caused by drinking too many six-packs. Yes, beer is high in calories (about 140 per 12-ounce bottle) and drinking too much can contribute to a bloated waist, but fat also appears in other areas of the body. The body doesn’t know the difference between calories that come from beer and calories that come from other sources. Fat is deposited throughout the body simply because you consume too much food and don’t burn the excess calories. If you have an expanding waistline, find out why you should make belly fat loss a priority and how you can achieve it effectively.

Why You Should Make Belly Fat Loss a Priority

Not all body fat is created equal. Research indicates that a large belly, especially in men, is a sign of poor health. Having belly fat increases your risk of serious conditions like cardiovascular disease, certain types of cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and stroke. Aside from these, bigger waistlines have also been associated with decreased lung function, periodontal disease, premature death, migraines, and even restless leg syndrome.

How to Effectively Achieve Belly Fat Loss

The health conditions associated with having a large waistline and fat around the love handles are coupled with the fact that a beer belly is not attractive. Solid enough reasons for you to take belly fat loss seriously. Although, easier said than done. Belly fat is stubborn so you need to maintain a healthy diet with a regular exercise regimen to ultimately get rid of it.

Before After - The 5 Best Ways To FINALLY Lose That Gut

1. Eliminate Processed Foods

Processed foods are a potential source of trans fats in men and they often contain a lot of added salt and sugar. Because most of a food’s flavor is lost during processing, manufacturers dump in extra salt and sugar to make up for it. The ideal policy is to stick to home-prepared food. This way, it’s guaranteed to be fresh and junk-free.

2. Make Your Calories Count

Consume fewer calories from grains and increase your intake of high-quality food like beef, butter, chicken, coconut oil, dark green leafy vegetables, fish, and olive oil.

3. No EMPTY Calories

Reduce your consumption of empty calories from processed food and beverages. These just pack on pounds without giving your body the nutrition it needs to function.

Processed versus Natural - The 5 Best Ways To FINALLY Lose That Gut

4. Cut Refined Sugar

Sugar enters the bloodstream rapidly, and the body responds by producing the hormone insulin to cope with it. One of the main problems with this process is when too much glucose is present, insulin will take the excess and direct it to be stored as fat. Research also suggests that refined carbohydrates like sugar encourage the build up of visceral fat.

5. Work It Out

Have a regular workout routine: you also need to sweat it out and increase your physical activities. Bike, play sports, run, swim, and do whatever you like to burn those extra calories. But do not just do cardio or crunches.

Fat Man Running - The 5 Best Ways To FINALLY Lose That Gut

Also, you need to incorporate anaerobic exercises, core exercises, and strength training to effectively burn the fat and KEEP it off.

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