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The Funniest ICOs You Will Ever Hear About

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The ICO market is more relevant than ever and with that comes the price of being crazier than ever. Some projects that haven’t even released a functional product yet, somehow find a way to rake in millions of dollars in just a few minutes. People are buying coins like candy. Just because they like the name or design of the token they are purchasing them without second thought. This just the start for parody ICOs which aren’t just giving people a good laugh but also manage to raise substantial amounts of money, proving their mockery is not be taken lightly. Here are some of the funniest ICOs out there.



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FUCK Token is a social cryptocurrency that aims to help everyone around the world give a FUCK. Thier cryptocurrency allows anyone, anywhere to send and receive money almost instantly with extremely low fees. The ICO raised $30,000 in first 30 minutes and the current market cap of FuckToken is over $2.6M and a single FUCK token costs around $0.05 Not a bad token huh? Well if you don’t give a …. we suggest maybe buying some …. token.


Useless Ethereum Token 

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Useless Ethereum Token has one of the more bold logos, as it is most definitely flipping you the bird. Useless Ethereum Token is exactly what it sounds like: a first-of-its-kind initial coin offering (ICO) that transparently offers investors absolutely no value. Don’t just take it from me. The website states: “You’re going to give some random person on the internet money, and they’re going to take it and go buy stuff with it. Unlike with every other token sale on the market, I can guarantee here and now that the value of UET will not (in fact, can not) reduce during or after the ICO. Since these tokens aren’t worth anything to start with, there’s nowhere to go but up!”




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In 2013, a Shiba Inu meme with broken-English captions went viral. Dogecoin, originally issued as a joke currency, has been a coin-market star. Today it has a $280 million market cap, and it has already sponsored Nasdaq race cars and water wells in Africa, plus sent the Jamaican bobsled team to the Winter Olympics.




panda coin - The Funniest ICOs You Will Ever Hear About


Who doesn’t love panda bears? This cryptocurrency was marketed to crypto novices as easy to understand and use. It’s basically an alternative bank account. If you hold Pandacoins in its PandaBank , you can earn 2.5% annual interest, but only when your computer is online and PandaBank is open. Market cap: $1.6 million.




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The coin created by Kim Jong-Un himself in order to fund his lunar mission. Each KIM coin is supposed to represent ownership of 1 km2 of moon land. The ICO is LIVE now and will run until February 25. SpaceKIM creators also promise a special version of their website for the upcoming winter olympics.  “I will land on the moon and replace the disgraceful rag of the US flag with a glorious ensign of DPRK!” The famous words of the man himself.


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