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Why Foreign Women Like American Men

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If dating or your hunt for a partner just doesn’t seem to be working out in your local town or city, maybe it’s time you go international. Change it up a bit, try something new. You never know what could happen and you will come to the realization that the foreign ladies are bored of what’s left at home.

There are several benefits to dating people from other countries. The exciting accents. The long-term potential for dual citizenship, which may especially interest some of you right now for no reason in particular.

 Lucky for you, there’s plenty of things foreign folks like about dating Americans, too.

1. Low Mainteniance

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For the most part, American men really just get dressed without it being a huge competition for the mirror. Everyone knows Italian men are worse than the women and the whole place winds up smelling like their cologne. American men don’t take Italian showers.


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