chemicals in household DUST could be making you FAT

groundbreaking research indicates its true

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Who would have thought that a little dust in your home could make you fat? We tend to think the reason we’re overweight is the amount of calories we’re consuming. New research indicates that could be wrong. For those who don’t care about keeping our home spotless, this is TERRIBLE news. Especially if you’re sacrificing sleep for early gym sessions and skipping a juicy cheeseburger for that tasteless, limp salad. All in and effort to shed some weight, but the lbs keep piling on.

It’s not only food that’s making you fat; it’s the dust in your home.

Dust is under your sofa or even on your dining table. It’s everywhere. Even in your car!

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Dust, dieters new nightmare.

It’s not just a theory or superstition that dust is making you fat. Researchers from Duke University have come up with undeniable facts linking dust and body fat.

According to Daily News Report, researchers used mice to verify that there is a relationship between body fat and dust. They extracted the mice’s pre-fat cells and exposed them to dust in eleven homes. The results they found were astonishing. In seven homes, dust samples made the cells mature into adult fat cells. Also in nine homes, dust samples made the cells divide which led to the creation of MORE pre-fat cells. In conclusion, there was a buildup of fat in cells exposed to dust.

Dr. Heather Stapleton, one of the researchers, concluded “what our study demonstrates is that exposure to mixtures of chemicals found in our home can change the metabolic function of our cells.”

If your house is messy, don’t just sit there.

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If you notice any dust on the surfaces of items such a dining table, kitchen shelves, or even your TV top, make sure to wipe it clean. Experts recommend not to use a feather duster since it will make the dust particles airborne, and later on, you’ll inhale them. They advocate using a wet sponge to wipe away dust on all surfaces. If you don’t have the time, grab the vacuum cleaner.

Apart from dust making you fat, some elements come with dust that make you sick. Dust, when inhaled for a prolonged period, can damage your body and lungs. People with allergies are mostly affected by dust. When exposed, they experience itchy eyes and a running nose.

What makes dust so scary is the fact that it contains endocrine disruptors which are hormone-affecting chemicals. These can even cause cancer.  Researchers argue that these disruptors are found in cosmetics, pesticides, and most substances in plastic materials.

We need to clean our homes frequently to avoid these disruptors and live happy, healthy lives.

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