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Blac Chyna Went Ballistic on Someone at Six Flags on Easter Sunday

Incredible footage shows Blac Chyna appear to throw stroller at woman ‘who tried to touch daughter Dream’ before being held back during melee at Six Flags park.

blac chyna 758x426 - Blac Chyna Went Ballistic on Someone at Six Flags on Easter Sunday



  • Blac Chyna was filmed in a fight at Six Flags amusement park on Easter Sunday
  • The 29-year-old reality star had to be held back by multiple people after she suddenly tried to hurl a bright pink children’s ride-on car at a woman
  • Various videos have appeared on social media showing crowds of shocked people gathering around as they watched Rob Kardashian’s ex lose her cool
  • A woman claiming to be the person involved said the fight broke out after she started admiring Chyna’s daughter Dream and touched her hand

Thankfully, it appears as though some friends were also on hand to stop her from making a big mistake — especially in front of a crowd of strangers on Easter! Regardless, let’s jut say the commotion drew everyone in the vicinity’s attention! In the first clip, she is seen throwing off her coat while in a shouting match with the other person. Then, she seemed to be trying to take a swipe at someone with a pink stroller before she is stopped. Yikes! Not convinced it’s her? She took a photo with Dream while riding a carousel earlier in the day — and her outfit is the same.


However, that wasn’t the end of it. A second clip shows her appearing to cool off, now coat-less. But as her friends turn their backs, the gorgeous reality star reached for the stroller and seemed to be preparing to attack yet again! This all happened while dozens of people in the area documented the exchange. And it appears as though it was her own security that stopped her from doing something rash.


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