Big Changes Coming to the X-Men Franchise

x men dark phoenix jean grey sophie turner 758x426 - Big Changes Coming to the X-Men Franchise

With Disney buying Fox, Dark Phoenix, will be the last installment in Fox’s X-men franchise.  With this final depiction of the non-mcu version of the X-Men, there are plans to leave it all on the line.  Although the famous story line of Jean Gray taking a turn on the bad side has been depicted before in X-Men: The Last Stand, this looks to be a much more faithful depiction of the material.

Director, Simon Kinberg, has gone on to say that he has taken much inspiration from Logan, ditching the campy, cartoonish tone of X-Men Apocalypse.  He also has reiterated multiple times that is very emotionally driven.  With McAvoy, who plays Charles Xavier, also stating that this is “the most emotional X-Men we’ve done, and the most pathos-driven.”


With this new direction, will Dark Phoenix hit audiences heart-strings in a way Apocalypse couldn’t pull off.  Only time will tell. Watch Dark Phoenix in theaters on February 14th.


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