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You’ve never seen yoga like this before. If you’re looking to improve your mobility, let LA-based yoga instructor Dylan Werner be your inspiration. His body tends to defy gravity and he’s the king of casually balancing his entire body weight on one arm.

A grateful heart is one who can recognize the blessings and gifts in every situation. Anytime I talk about this; I generally get someone responding to a situation that is horrific and near impossible to find gratitude. And the truth is gratitude can be really hard to find in lots of places. Though the more horrible the situation, the more space for compassion and service. We find gratitude in the ability to serve in those situations or in those who take kindness upon us. These situations hopefully are rare but if we don't practice gratitude every day when tragedy does appear we probably won't find gratitude then either. I can say though that if you have a grateful heart, your life and everyone in your life will be positively affected. . wearing @aloyoga #sponsored

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