Amazon Bought Whole Foods – How will the future of groceries change?

amazonwholefoods - Amazon Bought Whole Foods - How will the future of groceries change?
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Before the public knew Amazon was acquiring Whole Foods, they knew about a new product Amazon had just introduced. The product was a gadget designed to make grocery shopping easier. They called it the ‘Dash Wand’. It sticks to the outside of your fridge with the ability to scan barcodes. As you scan the barcode with the Dash Wand, Alexa (installed within the Dash Wand) helps you to order whatever you need.

To most, this may seem like an exciting new feature. However, it is important to remember that Amazon not only helps you execute tasks but it remembers everything. It will know what is in your fridge, what your shopping trends are and how much money you spend. This can be extremely useful or troubling depending on your preferred privacy level.

amazondashwand - Amazon Bought Whole Foods - How will the future of groceries change?
Dash Wand via Amazon

Amazon has changed the game with its data collection technology. Just a few years ago Amazon introduced easy to use buttons that helped consumers repurchase daily household buttons. With the push of a button, you could add something to your Amazon cart allowing you to easily repurchase everything you need as soon as you sign into Amazon. The Dash Wand has even come further because it can scan anything with a barcode.

This may seem like the natural progression of grocery shopping in this age of technology, but in fact it is very significant. Each year, less consumers go to stores to shop. They prefer online shopping to going into a busy store or mall, wasting time trying to find item and overspending because of the sheer excitement and variety of items. Online shopping saves money because if you don’t know it exists, it is not possible to purchase it.

This is not the first, only or last company that has revolutionized the world of shopping, especially grocery shopping. Just about every retailer has their own online store that allows consumers the option to buy goods from home. In the grocery world companies like Peapods and Instacart have made grocery shopping quick and easy. You can buy fresh produce and dairy online that arrives at your doorstep less than two hours later. Amazon’s purchasing of Whole Foods can only make you wonder what is in store for the future of grocery shopping and what other grocery stores are going to do to stay relevant.

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