A Quick Step Guide to Be Better Looking As You Age

ChristyBrinkley - A Quick Step Guide to Be Better Looking As You Age
Christy Brinkley still smokin' at age 61

Tabloids and gossip magazines love their “Stars Who Age Badly” headlines. These articles focus on celebrities who were devastatingly attractive when younger, but with aging and late nights their looks took a straight downhill turn. The before and after photos are terrifying, but aging well isn’t just about managing those inevitable wrinkles. Several factors like ignoring personal style and overall appearance can make people appear older then they are. As we age, our styles need to be updated appropriately. A 50-year old woman just doesn’t look classy in an animal leotard with smudged makeup and unruly hair. Well, then again who really does?

The point is – anyone can age with style and grace. Beauty does not belong to only the youth. Below is a list of 5 quick tips to slow the hands of time.


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