91% Of Online Daters Prefer People Who Do This

Online Dating App - 91% Of Online Daters Prefer People Who Do This

A few decades ago when the technology industry was just starting to bloom, the world was beyond excited at the quick spread of knowledge, information and impact it would bring. With all the excitement and benefits surrounding technology, people did not foresee the effects of technology in our daily lives and day to day interactions.

When you don’t want to talk to someone, you look down at your phone and pretend you’re doing something important. If you don’t want to make small talk at the grocery store, you just use the self checkout aisle. It’s apparent that the expansion of technology has enabled people to become more socially awkward and reclusive. We’re all guilty of it.

The biggest change? Technology introduced social media and the new ways people interact with each other. The biggest question among singles, ‘Where do you meet people?’ Instead of leaving home, you can find people to date or just hook up with from the comfort of your own couch. Swipe left, swipe right, swipe up. The possibilities are endless. Even if you are a die-hard supporter of only organic, in person interactions, you can’t help but appreciate and even be tempted by the ease of online dating. One surprising thing hasn’t changed. Keep reading to find out.

Online Dating - 91% Of Online Daters Prefer People Who Do This

The choices are endless. You had a bad date? No problem, just swipe some more and start talking to someone new. If you live in a big city, this can mean choosing from hundreds of thousands of eligible suitors. If you live in a small town, you don’t have to restrict yourself. Just adjust your settings so your search radius includes neighboring towns. This can be an amazing thing, but it has made it difficult for some people to settle on one person. Good bye serial monogamy – there is always someone more attractive, smarter and better out there.

It is obvious why someone would choose online dating over hitting the town or attending a class to try and meet someone. But has it changed for the better? Everyone treats online dating differently. Some people end up viewing their options as pieces of meat in an artisanal butcher shop whereas others see it as a way to meet their soulmate. The key is remembering each profile is a person, just like you.

So what do 91% of online daters prefer?

Hint: your first date should be at a bar.

Based on a study of 200,000 profiles, data scientists at Hinge found that online daters preferred people who drink.

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