8 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

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When it comes to shoes, a perfect balance can be achieved. For some women, “too many shoes” is a foreign concept, while other women are completely content with the basics. Check out our list of must haves shoes that will keep you prepared with the right footwear for any occasion in any season!

1. Casual Sneakers

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Sure, it’s not the most glamorous of shoes, but it gets the job done. Some women prefer a nice pair of Keds, while others like a nice basic pair of low top Converse. Casual sneakers are perfect for walking around town, Saturday errands, and getting your morning coffee at your favorite coffee shop. Sometimes, less really is more!

2. Ballet Flats

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Ballet flats are an unheralded superstar of the shoe world. Why? Because they can be dressed up or down so easily. They’re chameleons that go with any outfit. Available in neutrals and fun patterns, with bows or without, and a multitude of materials, these shoes can be worn anywhere with anything, and are easy to walk in. They are a must-have!

3. A Pointy Toe Heel

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Heels may seem extravagant to the unconverted, but once you have a pair of pointed-toe heels, you find endless places to wear them. They’re great for fancy occasions such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, and church, but also look killer when you’re going out. From a delicate pink to basic black pumps or a neutral hue, your legs and everything else will look amazing in a pointed-toe heel. We promise.

4. The Flat Sandal

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The flat sandal is perfect for the heat and makes even the most simple pair of shorts look effortlessly cool. Brown leather flat sandals go with nearly everything, from skirts to dresses to capris and more. They’re easy on the feet and look great while they’re there. Plus they offer that breathing room so your feet don’t miss out on the nice weather. It’s not hard to see why flat sandals are included on our list of must-haves for women.

5. Ankle Boots

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Want to look cool without trying? That’s where ankle booties come in. The most popular style for ankle booties right now is black leather, with tan a close second. They’re great for shows or festivals, or even just hanging out with your friends. Once you have them, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to get them.

6. Knee High Boots

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They’re not just for Julia Robert in Pretty Woman anymore! Knee high boots have made a comeback and are a must for the sex kitten in you! Black leather knee highs have moved camp from trashy to flashy, not to mention fun. So go on. Hide your knees for a night when you go out to the bar. At the very least, they’re a great conversation-starter.

7. Summer Wedges

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Great for when you want all the height of heels but all the fun of the season, summer wedges are a versatile shoe that will get you where you need to go and good while doing it. Plus, they go with EVERYTHING. Dresses, shorts, skirts, pants. Need we say more?

8. Gladiator Sandals

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Great for spring, summer, and even the early part of fall, gladiator sandals make a statement while remaining ultra-comfortable. They look great with shorts or skirts, and give a unique bit of personality to an otherwise average outfit. They’re dressy, but still low maintenance and versatile enough to be worn almost anywhere. Go extra-high for extra personality!

There you have it. With these eight pairs of shoes, you can rule the world. Or at least the fashion world. Never be caught unprepared for an occasion or event again, and sleep well at night knowing that for the moment, your shoe wardrobe is complete.


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