5 Ways to Have a Wonderful March

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With everything going on in the world we sometimes lose sight of what’s really important and what makes us happy. Time to turn off your T.V. and stop following the latest news about Donald Trump, Justin Bieber & Selena, NCAA corruption & march madness, and whatever else the heck is going on. Try your best to just focus on you, yourself, and only you. Here’s a couple of things that will undoubtedly lead you to have a very happy and fun month of March.

1. Put a Phone Charger in Your Bathroom

phone charger - 5 Ways to Have a Wonderful March

If you often listen to music or watch YouTube videos while getting ready for work, and send your morning texts and emails, we suggest you put a phone charger in your bathroom ASAP. Also, a long commute can drain your battery before you even get to work. So just put an extra charger your bathroom and it’s no longer an issue!

2. Achieve Some of Your Weight Loss/Gains Goals

Yes Rome was not built overnight and neither will your body but you can start the journey now rather than later. Find a way to get into the gym and clean up your diet. Maybe try meal prepping or look for a workout buddy. Let some weight loss  supplements help you out as well, as they will only assist you in a positive manner when trying to attain that great looking Summer bod!

summer body - 5 Ways to Have a Wonderful March

3. Treat Yourself to Something Nice

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Relax a little. Take a break. Sometimes we get too caught up in the speed and distractions of life and tend to forget what’s important and what makes us happy! Reward yourself for the hard work that you have put into life recently. Maybe get a massage, buy a new dress or purse, or treat you and some you love to a nice dinner.


4. Eat This Stir Fry Inspired By Migos

Chicken Stir Fry with Rice Noodles 5 - 5 Ways to Have a Wonderful March

Who doesn’t love stir fry? Who doesn’t love ‘dancing with their dogs in the nighttime’ Well we can assure you this recipe and it’s deliciousness will bring you nothing but joy this month.



5. Just Be Happy

bob marley - 5 Ways to Have a Wonderful March

Don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright. I said don’t worry . . .


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