5 Ways to Get Fired and How To Avoid Them

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Besides not doing your job, there are many ways you can guarantee that you’ll get fired from your job BUT let’s learn how to avoid them

If you said you LOVE every aspect about your job odds are you’re probably lying but there are those few cases but for the most part we all don’t enjoy certain aspects of our job. Whether it’s interacting with specific people or having to wake up early; we know that the work world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows.

The best part about your job is that you HAVE a job. Before you decide to rebel at the office and leave your mark we’re here to help you NOT get fired. If you follow any of these 5 steps odds are highly in your favor that the boss is going to call you in his office and say. “see ya later.”


1. Not Showing Up/Showing up Late

Constantly not showing up or rolling through the office late is not acceptable by any means. Unless it’s an emergency odds are your boss and co-workers aren’t going to believe your excuse. The best way to avoid this is just by simply not hitting the snooze button and getting your butt moving.


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2. Refusing to Work With Certain Co-Workers/Individuals

You don’t want to work with your co-worker . . . ironic huh? The reason the are called your co-worker is so you can work TOGETHER with them. Don’t let some little office gossip/drama get to you. Take care of business and YOUR JOB and the rest will take care of itself.

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3. Posting Inappropriate/Negative things on Social Media

Social media can be your biggest enemy sometimes. If you make one dumb decision and blast out something inappropriate to the world (thinking no one will see) you can say goodbye to your job. Don’t be that guy who sent the wrong thing out to a social media outlet. The best way to avoid this from happening is to proof read your post and envision that you are your boss reading it before you click that ‘share’ button.

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4. Working on another Job’s Work During Your First Job

There’s no better way to tell the office you could care less about the work you do and the company/organization you work for when you do this. You should never spend time while you’re at your primary job doing anything related to those other jobs. It’s unethical and is a standpoint for firing. If you need to make phone calls or send emails about your side job, do so during your lunch hour or breaks. Never do it during the time you’re being paid by your primary employer.

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5. Using Company Resources For Personal Reasons

No, It is not okay to use the company printer to print out your personal stuff that consists of hundreds of pages. It’s not okay to bring home disks to download software on your personal computer, and it’s not okay to use company email for personal messages. Get your own printer. Buy your own software. Get a different email.

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